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Meet with our Lifestyle Cooking Coach for a number of services that allows you to have hands-on learning and application.

  • Lifestyle Cooking Class

    Show up, cook, eat, and walk away with new skills and confidence!
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  • Lifestyle Cooking Class Series

    • Set up as 3-part series.  However, you can go to one, or all of the classes in the series.  Each series will center around a central theme, with the ultimate goal to teach you cooking skills that can last a lifetime.
    • Ultimate Goal: For you to ditch the cookbook and learn to cook for life!

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  • Grocery Shopping Field Trip

    • Let our Lifestyle Cooking Coach accompany you to your favorite grocery store and go through aisle by aisle.  Get educated on how to read labels, which produce to buy organic, and why certain products are recommended.  Let us help you navigate through your store and enable you to make good and healthy food choices for your individual needs.

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  • Pantry Makeover

    Let our Cooking Coach virtually visit your kitchen and assist you in making it over in such a way that it’s specific to your individual needs.
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  • VIP Kitchen Makeover

    Includes both a Pantry Makeover and a Supermarket tour.
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