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Do You Have It? And What Does It Mean?

Quickly take a tour of your home, and jot down all the electronics in your home. Include TVs, computers, tablets, cell phones, gaming devices, and Smart meters. Don’t forget to add remote controls, microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones, etc. Any and every electronic device. That list added up pretty quickly right? Have you ever considered how all that electro magnetic pollution affects your health? And that’s just inside your home! You haven’t taken account work, school, shopping centers, etc.

“Electro-Stress” is an underutilized and under-recognized term. However, there are many scientists & public entities that have done a significant amount of research on how low level electromagnetic radiation has on human health. 

Over 80% of studies conclude that there is a detrimental effect.

Any Solutions?

Well, unless you can live “off the grid”, it begs the question, are there any reasonable solutions.  There are a growing number of people starting to specialize in treating persons who manifest the clinical and physical symptoms of “Electro-Stress.”

While, this facility does not directly treat or manage “Electro-Stress”, we do offer you the tools to help you change the emissions and protect yourself, your families, and even your pets from the harmful effects of EMFs! These tools are affordable, efficient, and are called  engeryDOTs

engeryDOTs™  are a variety of products that were created to offer options to combat the various forms of EMF pollution.  DOTs do not lose their energy signature if washed or worn in water.


The bioDOT®, is an ultra-slim 17mm ‘peel-and-stick on’ magnetic disc, that acts to harmonize your body’s energy field.



smartDOTs™  are ultra-slim 21mm ‘peel-and-stick on’ magnetic discs that harmonizes the EMFs from the electronic equipment you use. Over 80% of studies conclude that there is a detrimental effect.



The aquaDOT® is programmed to remove EMF imprinting from drinking water and liquids. It is available as a single DOT that adheres to a water or storage bottle. An aquaDOT® can also be added to a bioDOT® to enhance the benefits of the wearable technology. Since the body is mostly liquid, it removes the EMF imprint from its fluids.



The spaceDOT® and spacePYRAMID offer reenergizing of geopathic/architectural/emotional/historical imbalances.The individual spaceDOT® covers a 15 foot radius. The spacePYRAMID contains a spaceDOT® and expands the energy field radius of up to 300 feet. Consider this a new component of Feng Shui.


Which energyDOT™ do you need?

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EMF Wellness Videos

Lucy Blyth from Phi Harmonics explain energyDOTs and how they can counteract “electro-smog”.

Prolonged use of a computer or mobile phone, traffic jams, emotional challenges, are all everyday stresses affecting the biofield (our vibrant living energy field).

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses the dangers little kids face when exposed to radiation such as wi-fi and electromagnetic radiation.

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde discusses the damage electromagnetic frequencies can cause in the body, even down to the cellular level.

Additional EMF Products


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