Why should you consider a detox?

The answer is very simple.




While there are many detox programs, there are none like this one.  For 7 days, this do-it-yourself detox program will target more than just your food choices.  It will help you detox your whole mind and body, to maximize the effectiveness of your wellness journey.  This detoxing program will allow your body to address both toxicity (physical, mental, emotional, and eating) as well as inflammation.
Not only that, it will jumpstart your body to function the way it was truly designed to function.

It’s the best way to reset your body from season to season and from one life change to another.


With this program you will receive:

  • The 7 Day Mind-Body Detox Guide
  • Daily journaling and food logging via our Healthie Concierge phone/tablet app
  • Daily Schedules
  • A complimentary 15-minute post-program strategy session


In order to maximize the success of this program, there are functional foods and supplements needed for the success of this program.  We utilize Xymogen and Ancient Apothecary products for this program. The retail price of these items is $149.50.  With your purchase of this program, you’ll receive 15% discounted price, giving you a cost savings of $22.43!



Just for purchasing this program, we giving you a BONUS eBook Guide for FREE:

How to Love Yourself Skinny


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Program options

DIY Program, DIY Program with initial consult


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