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Bergamot Essential Oil

Category: Essential Oils



***The Bergapten (constituent known for causing phototoxicity) has been removed from this brand of Bergamot.***

Bergamot emits a delightful fruity and floral scent. Bergamot is a central ingredient in many perfumes and colognes and also gives Earl Grey tea its unique taste. As a traditional Italian remedy, the oil was used to combat fever and infection.
Bergamot essential oil is considered an effective antidepressant due to its primary ingredients, Alpha Pinene and Limonene, both of which inherently have bright in aromas, and actively induce hormones. Bergamot is considered a beauty oil due to its cicatrizant properties, helping to fade scars and acne from prominence. It is also considered antiviral and assists with mouth ulcers and herpes. Because of its heavenly scent and antibacterial properties bergamot is a popular natural deodorant. Studies have demonstrated Bergamot essential having the ability to balance the hypothalamus.


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