Toxic People and Emotions Can Literally Make You Sick

  by Shannon Rivera

Detox has become one of the latest buzz words and the latest pursuit of many.

The focus of a detox for most people is food; eliminating certain foods and adding in other foods that boost our inner detoxification systems.  Although that is part of it, it is certainly not the ONLY part.

Detoxification of our entire being should be the focus if we want true overall well-being. What does that mean? Tending to our emotional ecosystem by minding our thoughts and being particular about who we share our space, our time and our Being with.

Research and science has supported the connection between with whom we  keep company with, frequent exposure to negativity and the function of the immune system.

You probably are aware of the effects on you after you have been around negative (toxic) people, feeling emotionally and physically drained of energy. However, there are other effects that you may not be aware of; effects on your person in the form of high blood pressure, acne or skin rashes, diarrhea or constipation, a decreased or depleted immune system and the decreased ability to think clearly {1}.

When we are constantly bombarded with negativity, whether from outside (people, situations) or inside (our thoughts), our bodies become stressed, and stress causes a cascade of reactions within the immune system which causes inflammation and it’s inability to fight off infection and disease {2}

On the other hand, laughter and positive emotion improve the biological activity of Natural Killer Cells (NK cells) {2}. What are NK cells? Part of our immune system that is able to seek and destroy tumor cells and viruses. Imagine, every time you laugh or feel emotional uplift, you are boosting your ability to fight infection!

Granted, short (acute) exposures to stress boost certain aspects of the immune system and in some ways make it stronger, but chronic stress exposure is like heading downhill on a runaway train.

Negativity and stress long term can also affect brain function! Well, not directly, but the hormone cortisol that is released during stress and emotional distress can bring about a sequence of events that ultimately affect brain function {3}

Signs of toxic person exposure

  • You feel emotionally drained after being around that person
  • You feel anxious
  • That person brings with them negative talk whether it be towards themselves or others.
  • They criticize you or others
  • They play the victim
  • Jealous behavior
  • They talk only about themselves, self centered

There are some aspects of stress that we have limited control over, however, we can control how we respond to those situations and people, and also minimize, if not eliminate, our exposure.

Take time today to do what makes your soul happy!




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